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Dear Label Executive / Musician, This form is to aid us to categorize your submissions for the 2020 Western Music Awards. The information supplied here is deemed credible and final. You may refer to the WMA Operational Definitions attached to help you fill it. Please note the following
• SINGLE refers to a particular released song that may or may not be part of a released album
• Fill one form per artiste(s) on your label.
• Write as clearly as you can for easy visibility
• CATEGORY on this FORM refers to which place you would like the song to be strongly considered according to WMA’s category definitions. (Also attached)


• The Western Music Awards scheme is not mandated to give cash or any other incentive to artistes beyond the plaque. Where any such incentive is given, it will be given only to artists that attend the event and pick up their awards themselves.  As a festival to celebrate the hardworking Artistes and Legends of the region, there would be a series of events prior to the main awards ceremony. The Western Music Awards scheme demands your presence at these series of events such as nominees’ jam, seminar, and artist’s socialization hangout.
• The WMA board has the right to dismiss, disqualify or bar any artiste who abuses the scheme, the board or any of its members or the organizing body with or without any just cause or puts the brand into any kind of disrepute. Westline Consult runs an open door policy where all grievances can be channeled and resolved without any such invectives being hurled. AUTHORIZATION By agreeing to be nominated for this scheme, I agree that my music, images, videos and all other copyright material of mine can be used for the purposes of the scheme and also agree that everything done with my property in relation to the scheme belongs to the organizers. These could include TV/radio commercials, press and online ads, billboards, documentaries, inserts on programs, fliers, hand-outs, banners, posters, brochures, etc. So far as they used purposely in relation to the Western Music Awards. Every information entered on the form is the true representation of my works done and do conform to tenets of the schemes release regulations and guidelines